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Retirement plans are as diverse as the companies they serve. 401(k)’s, Profit Sharing Plans, 403(b)’s, for non-profit organizations, Money Purchase and Defined Benefit Plans are just a few of the alternatives when searching for the correct plan design. Larger employers may choose to add an ESOP or non-qualified executive compensation plan as well. The original plan design and the monitoring function of a defined contribution plan are very similar. The very elements that make up a good design... Asset Classes Represented, Investment Choices and Performance, Cost, Independent Fiduciary Coverage, Service to the Employer, Service to the Participant... are also the elements that must be monitored and benchmarked on a regular basis.


A state of the art plan today, if left alone, will soon find itself obsolete. The financial world changes every second of every trading day. A proper monitoring process is essential to maintaining a retirement plan that keeps pace with the industry. Trustees will find it helpful to employ an investment policy statement outlining the goals and objectives of the plan. An investment policy committee should be formed and meet on a regular basis to document items such as performance, participation and the effectiveness of service the plan is providing.

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